June 2022

The UUHA at General Assembly 2022

The UU Humanist Association will have a modest and mostly online presence at General Assembly this year, If you're in Portland this year, Come visit us on Thursday in the Exhibition Hall, and learn a little bit more about us!

The real programming, though, will be available regardless of whether you're at GA this year. Below are our daily discussions, each of whch will be hosted on Zoom. You can follow the link below, or you can find login information on our virtual Exhibition on the Whova App.


Wednesday June 22
DISCUSSION: Introduction to the UUHA
2:30 pm Pacific (3:30pm Mountain | 4:30pm Central | 5:30pm Eastern)
What is the UUHA? What does it mean to be a Humanist within the UU tradition? What do Humanists bring to GA each year?  UUHA Board Members Leika Lewis Cornwell, James Witker, Roger Brewin, and Jack Reich answer your questions about our organization's mission, values, and programming. Read more about The UUHA at General Assembly 2022 »