A Letter from UUHA President Amanda Poppei

Dear UUHA members,

Happy humanist holidays!

I love the holiday season—even with all the potential challenge for a humanist in sorting through family religious obligations, one’s own relationship to the Christmas story, or how to schedule both a HumanLight celebration and a solstice party on the same day. At the congregation that I serve, the Washington Ethical Society, we start the holiday season with a Stone Soup service and then have a totally over-the-top, elaborate, cookie-and-music-filled Winter Festival the second or third weekend in December. And when all that wraps up, I turn my attention to my family’s holiday plans!

Your own holiday season may be busy or calm, at home or away...but I hope that whatever it is, it gives you time to reflect on what is most important to you. And I hope that supporting UU humanists and spreading humanism far and wide are among those values!

We are thinking about that spreading part especially, even imagining (dare we say it?!) what humanist evangelism might look like. Keep an eye out for our next journal, which will feature “elevator pitches” about UU humanism and humanism in general.

And we hope that you’ll be part of spreading humanism, and supporting the UU Humanist Association, again this year. We invite you to consider an end of year gift of $25, $50, or $100 to support our work. Really, to support YOUR work: you, the on-the-ground humanists who are living and sharing and creating the humanism of the future.


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Thank you for being part of this movement with us, and may 2020 bring all kinds of wonderful things to you and yours.

The Rev. Amanda Poppei

President, UU Humanist Association



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