A Local Group Profile: Humanists of UUCF

[Editor's Note: This is the first in a series of Local Group profiles that we are doing in order to give members an idea of the variety of types of groups out there and to help share ideas. If you are associated with a local group, please share your profile!)


Humanists of UUCF is based at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax, Virginia.

When was the group founded?  We had our first regular meeting in September 2012.

When and how often do you meet?  We meet monthly on Monday evenings for 90 minutes.

What is your average attendance?  It varies greatly from about 15 to 40 attendees. Read more about A Local Group Profile: Humanists of UUCF »

Big, Bad Booth?

I've been "running" the HUU booth at General Assembly, with an able assist from Jack Reich and each year, a rotating cast of enthusiastic others, since 2002.  I take some pride in the fact that we are usually among the largest and most energetic displays in the exhibit hall.  I take pride in the fact that we share our space with other humanist and social justice organizations - this year the Channing-Murray Campus Ministry, the Humanist Institute, Secular Student Alliance, and a Gun Control group called "Change the Conversation," were all on board.

Greg Epstein of Harvard Humanists and Kevin Watson of The Humanist Institute Read more about Big, Bad Booth? »

Ribbons on the Road

A collection of two dozen fabric arts panels made by humanist and UU artists around the country, began its fall tour during the last weekend of September, with a showing at a Michigan community event and a UU Fellowship Sunday service.  "Ribbons Not Walls" (a project of HUUmanists) invites people to create yard long representations of immigration related events and themes.  The collection includes a starkly poetic rendering of a portion of the "wall" between the US and Mexico by 13 year old Illinois UU Alayna Vesto, two panels featuring the primitive quilting style of Linda Lee, lead artist of the well known Farmworkers Memorial quilt out of Florida, and the HUUmanists "Librotraficante" (Book SmUUggler) Iogo, stitched and be-ribboned by Michigan secular humanist Sherron Collins.   Read more about Ribbons on the Road »

Ethical Dilemmas and Humanist Ethics

Michael Werner gave an excellent talk at the Concord Area Humanists meeting on October 23, 2013 about Humanist Ethics. Mike and his wife Susanne were in the area as part of Mike's book tour to promote his new book "Regaining Balance: The Evolution of the UUA". Here is the video of Mike's talk. (If the video does not appear below, try this link.)

And here are the slides:

Read more about Ethical Dilemmas and Humanist Ethics »


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